YINGFA Y9700AFM -Mirror Goggles UV protection for open water

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This is a high-performance goggle designed and optioned for the motivated swimmer.

-Double Silicon Straps

- Refined Polycarbonate Lenses

- Adjustable nose bridges.

-UV Protection

- Silicon Fit-out & Seal

- Anti Fog

- One size fits all

These are some of our new popular accessories. It is very comfortable to use competitively or just for normal use.It does not have any annoying clips on the sides of the goggles, so that it is easier to use and more fashionable. It is very flattering and eye-catching!

"Yingfa"--Each swimming athletes are familiar with the name, it is now a domestic world of sport very well-known swimsuit.
Yingfa is a Chinese brand made for their National swim team. It is extremely comfortable, and very durable.