YINGFA NZ F1 Female one-piece 60% P.B.T super durable swimwear togs

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YINGFA NZ F1 is the one of best training and racing costume on the market and at a nice price .We can't recommend it highly enough!

This costume from YINGFA is ideal for swim training. Manufactured with YINGFA's long lasting anti-chlorine fabric, developed over a 60% PBT & 40% polyester base which offers greater elasticity and chlorine/UV resistance.

This fabric offers chlorine and sun-resistance that can withstand hundreds of hours in chlorinated water so with YINGFA NZ F1 you get a durable pair of swimwear that retain their original brightness and colour and keep their shape, swim after swim after swim.

This swim suit has front lined ,"record breaker" open back, high cut legs and extended durability and superior shape retention features which will improves water follow and reduces drag.

Condition: Brand New Tog With Tags
Fabric : 60% P.B.T 40% Polyester

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